Who’s Touring – May/June 2015

©Marie Planeille

In the current issue of Songlines (June 2015, #108), we feature a selection of forthcoming tour highlights. You can see the full list here, but here were my selections:
Photo of Tinariwen by Marie Planeille

Everyone’s favourite desert rockers return to the UK
Over ten years ago, Tinariwen burst onto the Western music scene, refreshing rock’n’roll with their distinctive, desert flavour. The Touareg rockers have been captivating audiences with their electrified Saharan assouf ever since, causing Western audiences to turn their attention toward the beauty of Touareg music. Last year they released their darkest, densest album to date, Emmaar (reviewed in #98). The album’s solemn and subdued tracks reflect the ongoing political instability of their homeland and will be sure to make for a stirring live performance.
Touring May 27-June 6

The Ukrainians
Rock’n’roll with an Eastern European twist
The Ukrainians have been performing their bolshy mix of East European traditional music and Western rock since 1990. On their upcoming tour of the UK, they will be performing tracks from their forthcoming album, A History of Rock Music in Ukrainian, due for release on May 18. The album sees The Ukrainians taking on classics by The Beatles, Beach Boys, Sex Pistols, Led Zep, Green Day, Joy Division and just about everything in between. Expect a live show chock-full of intoxicating Ukrainian twists to all your favourite tunes.
Touring May 21-30

Urban Folk Quartet
The boundary-pushing folk four-piece
The Urban Folk Quartet perform a vibrant and diverse form of folk, taking in influences of everything from English and Spanish traditional music to Afrobeat and Cuban son, while at the heart of it all, it remains a fiddle-driven sound. UFQ are English multi-instrumentalist Joe Broughton (of the Albion Band), Galician fiddler Paloma Trigás, Tom Chapman on cajón and percussion and newest member Dan Walsh, who takes up singing and banjo duties. They will be touring their new album, The Escape, and are sure to impress with their high-energy live shows.
Touring May 1-June 7


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