Who’s Touring – February/March 2015

FanfareCiocarliaCredit-Arne Reinhardt

In the current issue of Songlines (March 2015, #106), we choose a selection of forthcoming tour highlights. You can see the full list here, but here were my selections:

Dub Colossus Soundsystem
Songlines Music Awards 2013 winners
Dub Colossus is the brainchild of Nick Page, a founding member of Transglobal Underground. While the early incarnation of the band found its stride immersed in the traditional azmari styles as well as Ethiopian jazz and pop, the last few albums have seen the band progress closer to towards their ‘dub’ namesake. Their Dub Me Tender Vols 1&2 won the Songlines Music Awards in 2013 for Cross-Cultural Collaboration.
Touring February 19-28

Fanfare Ciocarlia
Rambunctious Romanian Gypsy brass band
Fanfare Ciocărlia are recognised as one of the best Gypsy brass bands around – and there have been some good-spirited brass-offs between Fanfare and the Boban i Marko Marković Orkestar for the title. Their latest project Devil’s Tale (reviewed in #98) saw the Balkan brass heavyweights team up with Canadian guitarist Adrian Raso, who has rooted himself in the Gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt. Their UK tour will see the band perform tracks from this album as well as unreleased tunes that have never been performed live before.
Touring March 17-21

Sam Lee
Mercury-nominated folk singer
Having bagged himself a Mercury nomination for his solo debut of traditional Gypsy songs, folk collector Sam Lee will release his second album in March. Another set of hand-selected folk songs, The Fade in Time sees Lee seeking out and recording the songs of the last Gypsy Traveller singers in the British Isles. But he doesn’t just reproduce these songs as archival matter, instead he infuses them with a stunning 21stcentury vibrancy, drawing on countless influences from around the world to create something eerily beautiful. Not to be missed live.
Touring March 17-28


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