Interview with Nindy Kaur

Nindy Kaur has become a household name in India for her mix of bhangra beats and mainstream pop and is set to break into the British scene with a collaboration with Culture Shock. I was able to catch up with the ‘Bhangra beauty’ to talk bhangra, influences and motherhood.

You are one of the biggest female names in the Asian music industry and have enjoyed number one chart success. So, how did it all start?
Firstly, thank you so much for the compliment! How did it start? Well, like many people that start of in this industry I was mainly only singing around the house and in my car! Each day Manj (part of RDB) would bug me to get into the studio but I had never imagined myself as a professional singer so had no desire to do so. One day RDB needed a female vocalist on one of their tracks and so the brothers dragged me into the studio kicking and screaming! The track became a huge hit and the brothers haven’t let me leave the studio since.

Did you expect to become the Bollywood and Bhangra star that you are today?
Not at all! I mean, I think everyone in their life time can hope and dream for such great success but for many I guess you don’t ever expect it to happen, especially if you never planned on being a professional singer!

You were born and raised in the UK. Do you feel British background affected your musical style or tastes?
Of course, I think growing up in the UK had a massive influence on my musical tastes and still influences my musical style to this very day. When you are exposed to a particular country’s music for such a long period of time it’s hard to lose love for it. British music is what I know and what I come from so I think it will continue to influence me for the rest of my musical career, you are a product of the environment you are in after all.

You regularly collaborate with the urban group RDB and have just worked with the group Culture Shock. Do you prefer your collaborative work or your solo ventures?
There are positives and negatives to both solo tracks and collaboration numbers for any artists. When working solo you have a lot more creative control than working with others. Fortunately for me, both RDB and Culture Shock have been like family so collaborating with them was not a difficult process, if anything they were both were extremely enjoyable. I am very excited about my solo venture right now as NINDYPENDANT, my debut album will be releasing early summer!

Who would you next like to collaborate with?
There are so many brilliant artists out there in the industry at the moment but if I was to name a few it would have to include the likes of Beyonce, Usher and David Guetta. All three of them are so inspirational to me, I love their individual sounds and what they do.

What was the first album you owned?
Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. I love all of his music, what an absolute musical legend that man was, definitely still the King of Pop for me!

What is your all-time favourite album?
I’d have to say Michael Jackson’s Thriller again, although it was my first album that I owned its one that I can listen to over and over again. Thiller is one that I never fail to enjoy! It’s an album that consists of so many fantastically composed tracks that have continuously inspired so many artists, especially myself.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Oh gosh, I’m listening to a little bit of everything at the moment. I have a huge R&B influence but I am really getting into my dance music right now! I’m listening to a lot of Honey Singh, David Guetta and of course ‘Save The World’ my new track with Culture Shock at the moment.

I believe you have a son, correct? Do you find it hard to balance being both a mother and a bhangra superstar?
I do indeed have a son; I love my son and being a mother, so for me I never find the balance difficult. Being a mother is the most important thing in my life and so it will always take priority over anything I do.

You’ve really made your way in the industry as a female artist. Any words of advice to future generations of women artists?
Yes, I’d say to all women ‘stay true to yourself and the rest will follow’. There is no magic formula to success in this business and you can make it to the top without having to compromise your beliefs. I’d like to think I make a point of not being half naked on stage or conveying an image I wouldn`t live up to in person. What you see with Nindy Kaur, is what you get!

You’ve just released your single ‘Save the World’ with Culture Shock, so what’s next for Nindy Kaur
The single has had amazing response which I am so made up about. Fans are constantly messaging me each day for the release date for Nindypendant, it’s so surreal! I can confirm my debut album is very close to complete so the release of that is the next exciting step for me! My fans can expect a high energy album with many different types of collaborations that they may never have thought I were capable of, it’s all very exciting and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Check out Nindy on Facebook or listen to her latest release ‘Save the World’.


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