A Zanzibar Soundscape

Sounds have a powerful effect on us. Whether it’s the song on the radio or the sound of a morning dove’s call that plunges you back into your memories, we strongly associate sounds with places, times, emotions and events.

I am obsessed with sound and have a habit of carrying my dictaphone around with me wherever I go. I’ve recorded music rehearsals, calls to prayer, rain storms and ambient street sounds among other things. My iTunes is full of hours upon hours of these recordings. Even years after the recordings were taken, they still have the ability to mentally throw me back to those places.

I recently revisited some of the recordings I took during my 2010 trip to Stone Town, Zanzibar. I put them together (along with some studio recordings of taarab music, a Zanzibar specialty) to create this slideshow – hoping to bring others along on my stroll down aural memory lane.




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